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Your $10 dollars a month will help them earn $18 dollars an hour

Every Political season many of us place our hopes, dreams and hard-earned cash into the campaigns of politicians.  Some of us spend time canvassing neighborhoods and talking with strangers about what we believe our candidate will do and how they will improve our lives and communities.  Too often, once the campaign is finished all we are left with is disappointment.  The harsh reality is that for so many individuals the best chance for an improved community and life situation is squarely rooted in having a solid skill set.  Gainful employment and good wages are the most direct way of instilling individuals with confidence and communities with pride.

            For years the department of higher education and historical community groups and organizations have all pushed the idea of university learning as the only way to prosper.  Simultaneously, many of us have experienced the high cost of technical professionals. Technical professionals create our websites, repair our plumbing, cars, heating and cooling systems and so much more.  These technical careers are quality professions in dire need of trained professionals.  Many of these professions offer training in less than a- year.  Our goal is to encourage the greater community to make contributions for tuition and equipment.  More specifically, Male citizen’s who’ve graduated from a Colorado High Schools within the past 5 years desiring to complete programs offered through Pickens Tech or one of our partnering technical schools will be eligible to receive funds.

Over the past decade Male enrollment in traditional college has declined by nearly 10% across the board for men of color the decline is even more pronounced.  When examining the positive impact that a good career can have on an individual as well as a community it behooves all of us to make a personal investment in assisting young males in finding solid careers.  Through the 5KCampaign we hope to elevate community awareness of the issue and provide concerned people with a low-cost way to become an active part of the solution.

Electrical Inspectors


Aurora, Colorado

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